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Hourly Employee Vacation Request

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Your Vacation Balance is: hour(s)

This form is to be used by all weekly paid hourly or salaried employees

  • Requests for time off will be considered in the order in which they are submitted and approved as business conditions permit. In case of duplicate requests, the employees’ supervisor shall make the determination as to which request should be approved based on position, length of employment or other criteria as he/she may determine to be applicable
  • All vacation requests shall be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor for approval prior to the start of the vacation period
  • Vacation may not be used in increments of less than four hours
  • A copy of approved or rejected request is to be returned to the employee
  • Refer to the Simon Vacation policy for additional information


  • Employee must complete all applicable fields
  • After this form is submitted, it will be routed to your Supervisor and Payroll for approval.
  • Please call the Payroll Team if you need assistance 307.635.9005, option 4.

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