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Seasonal Layoff Request

Form Instructions:  This form is used to change an employee’s status with the company to accommodate seasonal operations. This form must be submitted by the Supervisor, Manager, Superintendent or Project Manager responsible for the employee’s team prior to the layoff date.

  1. Submit this form when an employee is no longer performing regular/full-time work of 30 hours or more for a period longer than one month.
    • This form must be submitted at least 7 calendar days in advance of the employee’s anticipated layoff start date
  2. Notify the employee that HR will be mailing the following documents
    • Seasonal Employee Guide
    • Voluntary Life Insurance Premium Notice (if applicable)
  3. Notify the employee of the effective date submitted for input in the system
    • This date must be as accurate as possible, and will affect benefit end dates, COBRA start dates, employee premium payment schedules, eligibility for unemployment benefits, etc.
    • Employees with a layoff start date the beginning of the month will be required to pay the full monthly amount of the elected benefits
    • Employees must register with the local Workforce Center/Unemployment Office in order to be eligible for state-administered unemployment benefits

Note: If an employee will not be returning to work after the current season ends, or will not be returning after being placed on seasonal layoff status, a termination transaction must be entered by the employee’s supervisor in the ColasWay system.

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