Employee Recognition and Awards

Our employee recognition program through Awardco allows employees to showcase their achievements and recognize their peers’ efforts. Employees can post on Awardco’s site to highlight their accomplishments, which are visible to all Simon employees for viewing and commenting. Additionally, we honor service awards annually, with various award bands (increments of five (5) years) granting points that employees can use to redeem items from Amazon, as well as other options like hotel stays and concert tickets. To ensure you don’t miss out on this well-deserved benefit, please keep your personal contact information updated with the Company. Employees without an email account will receive login details via mail to their home address on file. For any questions or issues, please contact Kelly Duplantis at [email protected], or call at 307.772.3204.

Go check out the site and cheer on a fellow team member at, https://colasrewards.awardco.com/