Driver Qualification

To operate a company vehicle, rental vehicle, or personal vehicle for business purposes on behalf of Simon on public roadways, employees must meet driver qualification standards.  For all employees, this means having a valid Driver’s License, and maintaining an acceptable Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).  In addition, for “regulated drivers” (CMV Drivers), this means ensuring compliance with FMCSA regulations related to driver qualification.  For most positions, meeting driver qualification standards is a condition of employment; any changes to a Driver’s status must be reported to your supervisor and HR immediately.

We update the Driver List on a weekly basis, individual employees and supervisors will be notified immediately to any change in driver status. Please review the driver list prior to operating a vehicle for business purposes at the follow SimonSays link: Driver Qualification.

Documentation Requirements: Driver qualification files and related monitoring systems must contain current information for all employees.  This includes a current copy of the employee’s driver’s license, MVR, and other driver qualification documents required for CMV drivers, if applicable.  Any time you renew a document, it is important to provide an updated copy to Human Resources for your driver qualification file as soon as possible.

DOT Physicals/Medical Cards (DOT-regulated drivers)

Scheduling and payment for DOT Physicals for individuals is handled by a third-party vendor (Ai).  To ensure proper handling and expedited processing, CMV Drivers must take the following steps when it is time to renew a Medical Examiner’s Certification (aka, “MEC” or “Medical Card”):

  • Contact HR or your regional safety manager in advance of your MEC expiration date to request an authorization
  • Ai will schedule an appointment and issue an authorization form to the Driver (typically within 24 hours of the request)
    • Appointments will be made with “preferred” providers whenever possible
  • The Driver must provide the authorization form to the clinic at the time of the appointment
  • Ai will handle payment and ensure all required documents are obtained for the Driver’s qualification file